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Does The Past Interfere With The Future Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Does the past interfere with the future?
Does the past interfere with the future?
Many people believe that their past determines their future. When people are asked what makes them who they are, they strongly relate their current with their past experiences. Importantly to note, people believe that their past environment, genetics, and education can significantly affect one’s future. The past may include things someone was born with or things that might have occurred in the past which are carried into the future.
When someone believes that the past experiences affect who they become in the future, they are likely to make their decisions based on those thoughts. Individuals project their beliefs into the future and expect their decisions to continue being true. Some of these ideas may include: I am stupid, people don’t like me, and I make bad decisions, am not good enough. When such thoughts are projected into the future and when one tends to perpetuate to being the person he or she believes is then they future gets affected. Additionally, people keeps on regularly proving to be the person they think they are over and over again, they may affect the destiny of their future.
The past experiences can significantly affect the future since the future is built on the experiences that one have been through. However, the future highly depends on whether someone will recreate the past and follow the way it has been done before or whether someone will branch off from the past experiences and take a different direction from the way things have been done before. Notably, the past is the guide which helps people to know what to do and what not to do. It is impossible to escape the influence which the past have on the future.
Additionally, people believe that their memories affect how they think and therefore significantly affecting the views about...
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