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BUNCHOF 10: Skill Check The Man Who Couldn’t Dance (Essay Sample)


Pick The man who couldn't dance to do the skill check
also, I will upload the first skill check professor comment for you to make sure it can be better

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Skill Check The Man Who Couldn’t Dance 1. The author of the piece, The Man Who Couldn’t Dance is Jason Katims. 2. The play is about a man, Eric and a lady, Gail who used to be married. Now they are apart and they reminisce the times that they had along with all the mistakes that they along the way which lead to their breakup. 3. The diction on the play is well placed with the right words and phrases bringing out all the themes and the intended meaning to the audience. Most of the sentences are precise with 5 or more words. The author uses mood to bring out the element of emotion. There is a lot of emotions that the two characters share having been married before. From the play there is anger, love, passion, frustration and even regret between them. The voice in the play uses tonal variation between the different scenes where the mood changes. This is a crucial element for the play as it is through the voice that the author is able to get the audience to get in touch with the feeling they have for the actors and connect with their feelings.4. “I was listening to your favorite song the other day.” Says Mike “Yeah, why?” Says Tina“It felt right. Like you were there with me all over again.” Says Mike “That is an old song. You shouldn’t be listening to such, besides there are other great songs.” Says Tina. “No. I like this better. So many memories w...
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