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Discussion 3: The Advancement In Technology, Violence (Essay Sample)


If there truly is a link between “new and advanced clinical technology” and its application in the US healthcare model and its impact on the total cost of care on a per citizen basis, then why is the overall demonstrated clinical outcomes (e.g. average lifespan, etc.) rated lower than other industrialized countries?


Discussion 3
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Discussion 3
Life span in the US is lower despite the advancement in technology because of factors that are either health-related or others.
One of the reasons is violence and there are approximately 6 violent deaths for every 100,000 residents (Castillo, 2013). The 16 other countries being compared to the US did not come close to this record. Finland had a recorded 2 violent deaths for every 100,000 residents.
The USA researched on the top 3 death causes – traffic crashes, drug poisoning and fire injuries. Collectively, these reasons are what causes the death of 100,000 Americans every year.

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