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Media Design Final Reflection Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Media Design Final Reflection
Technology is defined as a body of knowledge that is devoted to creating tools, processing actions as well as extracting of necessary materials. Technology can also be considered as the artifacts that human beings create, like the machines, and also the methods used to create the same artifacts. On a broad perspective, it can be used to refer to a way of doing something or a means of organization. For example, democracy can be referred to as social technology. The word is generally used to describe how the society manipulates the environment.
Technology is changing the modern society by influencing the change of the values and eventually the choices we make in the society. This is very true with modern technologies, where values which may influence society to reject certain technology are seldom universal, meaning that the technology is developed and deployed somewhere else. On making choices, apparently, reality and even the existing systems influence availability options and eventually the choices we make. Technology makes products available for choosing, for example, in 1940’s no one could choose a Smartphone, similarly, now no one can choose hydrogen car because those options are unavailable.
Keeping abreast of technology helps in making use trends and not falling behind time. People are joining technology through social media and they bring with them new ideas every day which is essential for an individual business person or corporations to develop into big ventures. It also gives them the power to grab opportunities as they because communication is made easier via emails, Twitter among other social media venues, hence staying beyond the clients. Keeping up with technology helps people and organizations remain relevant and organized. Additionally, if an entity adopts to resist progress and fails to keep up with technology, it is likely to fade away into obscurity.
Favorite Mac apps are AppDelete and Folx. Both apps have free alternatives, which are as equally excellent. For Folx, there is Utorrent and other related apps, and Firefox for YouTube videos where one can download High-Quality (HQ) videos, respective audio tracks, and the video track. Additionally, AppDelete is another favorite app where I only need to drag an app to the program's window and any file related to that app will be found and can be deleted. AppDelete is easier because it helps uninstall multiple apps at a time while AppCleane...
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