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Exploring a Readership Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


This is a 55% of total marks essay, so please please try best!!
55% contains 20% of Essay outline( due Feb10 ) which I ordered this time
and 30% of a 2000 words essay( due March 16 ) maybe order next time depending on the outline grade
Please leave a message for me if you need more words of this outline, cuz I only ordered for 2 pages around 550 words. If the outline need more than 550 words I will pay the extra words.
I will attach all the information files of this essay. And if the outline gets a good grade I will surely order the 2000 words essay one more time. Thank you!!


Essay: 35% (8 pages/2,000 words;) Due date: 17 MarchThis is a 200-level course and therefore a key learning goal is to become comfortable writing a research essay. Essay Topic: Exploring a Readership of Your Choice
Choose a readership you are most interested in exploring- maybe it’s readers of Mystery Novels, Graphic Novels, Eighteenth-Century Philosophy, Toronto Newspapers of the 1900’s, Contemporary Indigenous Fiction....any readership that most calls to you and write a 7-8 page research essay that presents cultural implications surrounding this readership. For instance, you might write on how the 18th-century novel constructed notions of what it means to be female or how graphic novels subvert traditional narratives of race.... For any given readership you should have two or three concrete examples of texts paired with scholarly research on the cultural implications for that ‘readership.’ Your task is to come up with a thesis and conduct a research study that discusses the readership you’ve chosen in terms of some facet of society- political, technological, religious, etc. (Remember this is a Media Studies course and not an English Studies course so you are making connections between the readership and society rather than presenting a close study of one text!)
Essay must follow APA and include 6 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles and book-length studies) other than sources included on class syllabus. Course texts can certainly be used as sources, but they do not count toward the required 6. You may use non-scholarly sources in addition to your required 6.
A note on citing class lectures:
When discussing a complex topic we have touched upon in class and you want to use in your paper, citing lecture is not enough. You need to do research with another source to find proper citations and support for your argument If you cannot trace the topic to a source then cite lecture as your last option.

Essay Outline: 20%Includes: Essay Topic, Thesis Statement, 3 Essay Body Sections & Topic Sentences, 3 Annotated Bibliography Sources (APA format)
See Quercus File on Essay Outline for Example See Quercus Assignment for Rubric
For annotating sources: writing/common writing assignments/annotated bibliographies/index.html t?Due: 11 Feb
Essay: 35% (8 pages/2,000 words;) Due date: 17 March


Readership surrounding Race in King’s Letter
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Readership surrounding Race in King’s Letter
Authors in past and contemporary society settings aimed at creating different notions surrounding their works; the same idea was also applicable in art. In writing, readership is achieved using different literary devices to enable the author advance their intended notion. Some common forms of readership include the issue of race, gender equality, and justice. In his Letter, King vividly brings out the concept of readership surrounding race. This essay proposes to show how there is a readership around King’s Letter that involves racial identity. The readership is explicated through interaction of the text in regard to the rhetorical cues that the author uses, and his main arguments. Direct quotes are also borrowed from the Letter to clearly bring out the readership.
King paints the image of Birmingham being the most segregated city in the U.S to show how racial identity was an issue in the South. He also shows that the policy of segregation and racism were widespread in the South (Rieder, 2014). He proves his point by giving concrete examples of why protesting and raising attention on desegregation was needed (King Jr., 2012). The tone and emphasis that King lays on the issue of racism help the reader to create an image of a region were racism was deeply rooted, and something that was disgusting to people like King (King & Vivian, 2013). King also lists the burdens faced by African 

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