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Racism. Discrimination and racial inequality. Essay (Essay Sample)


The first paragraph should include thesis that contains 3 main points such as person, music, laws, or politics.
Three body paragraphs should each explain one point.
More than 3 resources.


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Today, everyone wants to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce. However, racism continues to be a major challenge to achieving this goal. People will never see things the same way and hence the many reforms that are brought forward in the hope of attaining common ground. In the U.S., for example, “roughly six-in-ten (61%) Americans say the country needs to continue making changes for blacks to have equal rights with whites; 30% say the country has already made enough changes” (Pew). The diversity in opinions in this statement says it all. People will always have differing views and in a setup where people are trying to achieve the same goal, it is crucial to find common ground. There are different ways that can be employed in the workplace and that can help reduce instances of racism. Even though there are many, this paper will focus on training, the creation of safe spaces where people can have difficult conversations, and internal investigations to help determine the areas where instances of bias can happen.

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