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Coates And Baldwin's Expression Of Racial America Social Essay (Essay Sample)


Consider Coates's ( the case for reparations) and Baldwin's( "notes of a native son" from notes of a native son) discussion of racial injustices within the U.S. How do their messages overlap? where do they diverge?
double-spaced, 12 point font, and have a meaningful title.


Name:Eric Guo
Course: Cowell
Date: 11/14/2019
Coates and Baldwin's expression of racial America
Coates’s case for reparation is based on the events that took place in America at an earlier age. America has seen a transformation, but in all the change, black people were looked down upon, despised, disrespected and exploited by the whites in America. He uses the story of Clyde Ross to express his point of view. He strongly condemns the actions that took place back in the '40s where the Clyde story is mostly built. In a similar agenda, Baldwin, in his book, Notes of a Native Son, talks about various written works on the way the whites treated black Americans. He, like Clayde in Coates' writing, got to be a victim of the black and white social system in Early America. Baldwin explains how his family got to suffer and how that structure brought fear and hatred, describing how his father both hated and feared the whites. This essay explains how Coates and Baldwin’s messages both overlap and diverge.

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