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Reflection on Racial Violence in America Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The reflection essay will be in total between 500 words (2 pages). Included a bibliography and/or works cited page. This will serve as a writing assessment.


Reflection on Racial Violence in America
(Based on “Mookie as "Wavering Hero": Do the Right Thing”)
During the American Civil Rights Movement, many racial issues ensued that threatened the peace of the nation. Racial disparities in the American political, economic, and social systems fueled anger and hatred in the hearts of many of the nation’s citizens. The African American, whose historical background was laid on poor and stereotypical perceptions, slavery, psychological torture, and economic oppression, suffered the most during the Civil Rights Movement. Frontline leaders of the African American population had contrasting opinions and strategies of going about the escalating racial issues and divided the United States. Whereas some of the frontline leaders such as Malcolm X were ready to explore a violent approach to resolving the problems, others such as Martin Luther King Jr. believed that violence was not the resolve the prevailing racial injustices (Bartley 8). He believed that a subtler approach would result in a permanent solution to the issues that the African American Community faced.

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