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Strategies for Data Collection (Essay Sample)

here are my professors instructions for this assignment: ((For this final Blackboard essay, please consider your topic, research question, research design, and sampling design. How will you collect the data that you need to answer the research question? Where will the data come from? How will you actually collect the data? Your essay should respond to the following: 1. What type of data will you need? 2. Where will these data come from? (e.g. secondary sources, program participants, etc.) 3. What mechansim would you use to collect the data? (e.g. survey, etc.). If you propose to use a survey, please provide a copy of the survey questions. Please provide citations for all of the references that you use and adhere to APA 6th edition.)) *i will attach the research design paper and the sampling design paper both have the research question and topic i used. source..

Data Collection Strategies

Data collection on cigarettes and alcohol advertisements
Most of the health promotion efforts point to behavior change, but very few targets the socio-environmental factors that influence the habits in the first place (Science daily, 2012). This research seeks to identify how advertisements on cigarettes and alcohol influence the teenagers to use drugs.
In this research, the data required to make a concrete conclusion on the cigarette and alcohol advertisements influences will be from the primary sources, which is the students’ opinion, as well as other research material done in the past. Being a very sensitive topic, the direct input of all the students will have to be reflected and the data used must be related to the topic in question. The set of data that will be collected is the secondary data, which relates to smoking in teenagers and how it is influenced by the adverts placed on television.
A sample of 30 students, selected randomly from different secondary schools in Los Angeles, will be used as the primary data. Each one of the respondents selected will be required to have attained the age of 15 and above years (Explorable, 2012). Secondary data will be sourced from research reports that have come before the current research relating to the research question. By using the secondary da...
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