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SLP merger (Essay Sample)

THE COMPANY TO USE IS TESLA MOTORS For this SLP, think about your SLP company and the possibility of it merging with another company. Write a two to three page paper answering the following questions: 1. If you were to pick one company for your SLP company to merge with, what would it be? Explain your choice with respect to possible benefits of this merger and why you would choose this company over any other choice for a potential. 2. How would you finance a takeover of this chosen corporation? Explain your reasoning. 3. What would your second and third choices be for a merger with your SLP company? Again, explain your reasoning for wanting to merge with these companies, and why they would be second or third choices rather than your first choice. Remember to make use of the background materials in your analysis as well as additional research. Please reference all of your main sources of information, and use multiple references in your analysis. Session Long Project Expectations This paper will be graded with the following criteria in mind: A. Provide a direct answer to all three assignment questions, focus only on these three questions. source..

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(14, September, 2010)
Merger and Accusation
A merger happens when two companies agree to join together and perform as one company. Usually a merger will be by two companies that are of similar size and they combine their resources as well as stock to form one company. There are however instances when one of the companies may be bigger in size whereby this company buys the smaller one in a merger process. The reasons behind a merger are to improve on financial performance and the benefits that are associated with economies of scale.
Tesla Motors Inc. is a motor manufacturing company that was incorporated in 2003. It founded by a group of engineers who are all based in Silicon Valley. The company deals with designing, developing and manufacturing of emission free electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain (Tesla Motors, 2010). I would choose to merge Tesla Motors with Fisker Coachbuild. Fisker Coachbuild is a firm based in California that was founded in 2005 by partners Henrick Fisker and Bernhard Koehler. It specializes in customized luxury sport vehicles (Fisker Automotive, 2010). Fisker coachbuild was the first firm that introduced the premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
The two firms have the same goals, manufacturing luxury vehicles that are environmental friendly. Tesla is committed to cooperate with other automobile manufacturers to ensure that the number of vehicles that are emission free increases. This is the same commitment with Fisker coachbuild whereby the firm designs vehicles with minimum carbon emission. The merged company would benefit from the experienced engineers from Fisker Coachbuild who have experience from several automotive compa...
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