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Marketing plan: hospitality industry. Marketing plan of uniquescape resort (Essay Sample)

DRAFT NEEDED IN 48 HOURS!!! Marketing Plan The purpose of this project is to integrate marketing theory into practice within the hospitality industry. You are to develop a concept for a new service within the hospitality industry (e.g., resorts styles/themes, destination marketing (where's the next cool place to vacation?), theme parks (e.g., LEGOLAND in CA), etc.). Your work throughout the remainder will be to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your service. Your analysis will require you seek input from secondary research sources, such as books, newspapers and websites. source..

Marketing plan
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Marketing plan of uniquescape resort
1.0. Introduction
This is marketing plan for Uniquescape resort located in unknown and infamous remote place of Oregon with beautiful sceneries, waterfalls, coral reefs and natural flora & fauna. Located in an interior land, uniquescape resort is known to have great sceneries which give the resort a competitive edge over its competitors it will be attractive, private and a sole resort in the location.
The location of this resort is crucial since it greatly determines its ability to draw and attract customers. A thorough analysis of the community and the location in which the resort is to be allocated was carried beforehand .This was to ensure that the resort is unique in its kind and will smoothly operate without obstacles such as insecurities and hostilities. In addition, the location is not only accessible but attractive since it offers natural features such as lakes, rivers, flora, fauna, historical sites, museums, coral reefs and forests. Moderate weather of snow and rainfall conditions will make it the choice for many people.
Since it is a remote countryside, the surroundings are cool giving our guests ample time to enjoy their vacation in privacy. The neighboring people are friendly, diverse in culture and festivals. We offer high standard security thus the safety of our clients is 100 percent guaranteed.

Products, services and facilities
Company products will be divided into categories and differentiated to gain competitive advantage so as to realize revenues from each particular brand. Furthermore, it will encourage the resort to diversify its revenue base, rather than depending on one particular brand. This will caution the firm from the risk posed by competition giving it a competitive advantage over its competitors. Our company will offer its customers a variety of products including high value meals and accommodations; offering royal table and treating our clients as queens, kings, prince and princes. We will also offer all kinds of entertainment facilities such as plate throwing, tomato throwing, pig riding, and naked yoga.
Consequently, we will offer our clients outside retreats such as park visitation, museum visitation, amusement and attraction visitation, festivals & events visitations, boating activity, hunting and fishing activities, golf course usage, casino facilities, biking& biking trail usage, snowmobile trail usage, nature walk and programs, game rooms & video arcade, evening entertainment, outdoor skills teaching, children programs and childcare. In addition, we will offer exclusive services and amenities such as beaches and swimming pools, high quality service and hospitality, fitness rooms, game rooms and nature programs among others.
Our resort comes with plenty of facilities in form of well build mod...
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