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Integrated Project Management Tools (Essay Sample)

Integrated Project Management Tools Choose a project where you were a team member or Project Manager that lasted more than three months. Write a three page paper that identifies the importance of integrated project management tools. The introduction should describe the industry involved, high level deliverables of the project, and the number of resources assigned to the project. The body of the paper needs to describe at least three of the following tools that were used for building an integrated project management system, and if these tools were effective or not. Generic WBS Scheduling System Work Authorization System Decision making process Integrated cost or scheduling system Project Status Reports Your conclusion should be a summary of your essay and should repeat the main ideas. Reference Barkley, B. (2006). Integrated project management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill source..
Project Management Tools Name: Institution: Introduction Green state project started back in the year 2008, as a major project with the aim of filling in the energy gap conventionally used for cooking mostly in the countryside and camps. The hierarchy of the energy used starts from electricity coming down to firewood. Most of the people that use gas and electricity are doing well economically, but the project targets those that are much lower on the economic front. Firewood and charcoal are not only environmentally degrading but also affects the health of those using them as a source of energy. The project aimed at introducing plant oil stoves that have minimal carbon emissions, as well as reducing the effect of cutting down trees, which adversely degrades the environment. The oil is extracted from plants and is not flammable, rendering the stoves very safe to use. The project deliverables included; setting up of a highly advanced production firm within seventeen months, to manufacture and sell two hundred thousand stoves in the first year of operation. To fuel the stoves the projected amount of oil for the first year was one million gallons. In the second year, there was a projection of erecting service forty-six stations, throughout the state. The project was allocated ten million dollars to start; in...
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