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This is an easy revision: please revise product to show answers to questions. 1. blah, blah, blah 2. etc.... 3. flsjjfgiegidgd Thank you! original instructions: Answer the following questions in one small paragraph each. Place answers like this 1. small paragraph giving answer. 2. answer second question in a small paragraph, etc... source..

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(21 July 2011)
1. Organizations are complex systems with multiple stakeholders. Sometimes the interests of various stakeholders can conflict. For your initial post to this discussion, please give an example of a business process where the interests of two (or more) stakeholders are in opposition.
A company in United States deals with manufacturing antibacterial soap for bathing and it is an example of a business process. Lately, this company has been experiencing a problem that involves the interests of two stakeholders and they are in opposition. The production manager wants to add one more ingredient to the manufacturing of that antibacterial soap while the sales manager is opposing to the addition of that particular ingredient. The ingredient that the production manager wants to add is a perfume that will enable the buyer of that soap to smell good after bathing with that soap. The sales manager is opposing that idea arguing that many people are allergic to perfumes hence they might loss some of the customers if they add perfume.
2. The home page of this module identifies several measures of the learning and growth perspective. Consideration of these measures reveals that it can be difficult to quantify these factors. For your first posting in this TD, identify one specific example of a measure of learning and growth measure that you feel could be critical to an organization, but difficult to measure.
Training program evaluation is an example of a measure of learning. Evaluation is not only important for the organization but also for the learners too. This evaluation involves that after an employee has being trained he or she is evaluated by an employer using tools like scorecard in order to determined whether the employee acquired what was being trained. Growth measure determines if the organization or company has grown. This can be determined by the number of market share, sales revenue or earning per share that the company has.
3. In your opinion, what are the most difficult aspects of simultaneously balancing the four perspectives in the balanced scorecard?
Balance score card is a performance management tool in an organization. It helps managers of an organization to trance activities how ar...
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