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Coach Inc. Industry Rivalry (Essay Sample)

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Running Head: Coach Inc.
Coach Inc.
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Coach Inc., founded in 1941, has been in operation for 70 years. The company specializes in American designer products such as leather goods and accessories for both men and women, and ladies’ handbags, just to mention a few. To be specific, Coach is categorized under the women’s Handbags and Purses Manufacturers, not to forget footwear, jewelry, fragrances, watches, and business cases. The company has estimated annual revenue of $3, 607, 636, 000, and employs approximately 13, 000 staff members. In addition, the company has experienced enormous growth from the sales of these products, which are thought of as the strongest brands in affordable luxury. The primary operational point of the company is mainly between the U.S, Japan and East Asia, with approximately 490 stores in the United States alone. This is a representation of the stores, of which 345 deal in retailing, while the rest are divided into catalogs, factories and online stores. Thus, there are about 211 Coach Stores in 20 countries.
As a company, coach Inc. has grown from its humble beginnings. In the late 60’s, Coach Stores established a mail order business and specialty stores, a strategy that helped in the sale of products outside it’s departmental stores. This idea propelled the company to expand its businesses internationally; hence opening boutiques in Japan and England respectively. This establishment cultivated into more stores and more sales over the years; thus, giving rise to acquisitions such as IMAGINEX GROUP in ASIA. Currently, Coach Inc. is operational n Japan under a 50 % joint venture, an idea that has propelled its competitiveness in the business realm compared to its competitors who include Lois Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Dooney & Bruke, Moet Hennessey, and Hermes. In addition, Coach’s specialization in the manufacture of women’s handbags and purses has seen it being granted the NAICS Code: 316992.
Since the industry favors top and quality a performer, Coach Inc. has always been abreast in product quality; hence being the best performer in the industry. Coach Inc. has a variety of competitors, which include; Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade all of whom have been in the industry for around 26 years. Despite specializing in similar brands and pricing of between $200 - 400 to those of Coach, Coach has maintained its distinctive brand while maintaining a difference in products, far from its competitors; hence, accrediting the company the title “The Strongest Brand in Affordable Luxury.”
Its operational criteria are conducted in a bi-segmentation plan. This involves the sale of products directly to the consumers and the indirect sale of products. Moreover, these segments reflects the company’s distribution channel, which is aimed at offering marketing strategies that ...
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