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Organization WK2 Disc 1: Factors Influencing Human's Perception (Essay Sample)


With this discussion we will look at factors influencing perception. You may draw from what you have learned from the readings, your own research, or your personal experiences . Prior to participating in the discussion be certain you have read the chapter, viewed the course materials, and are ready to be an informed participant.
Respond: Use the chart below to discuss why two individuals who view the same situation might report it differently. Then, provide an example where you and another individual disagreed about the details of an event and if and how you were able to overcome the perceptual difference.
Factors in the situation Factors in targert
. Time . Noverlty
. Working setting ----> Perception <------ . Motion
. Social setting . Sounds
Factor in perceiver . Size
. Attitude .Background
.Motives .Proximity
.Interest .Similarity


Factors Influencing Human’s Perception
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Factors Influencing Human’s Perception
Perception is a way through which an individual select organizes and interprets information to give a meaningful outcome or picture of an object or the world. Conversely, the perception of a person regarding an environment may differ from the reality of the situation. The physical stimuli and the surrounding fields, as well as conditions within a person, result in perception. People's perceptions vary depending on the same reality exposure. Therefore, one person might perceive an item or another person speaking and concludes that such a person is sincere while such might be exactly opposite perception to another person. Thus, the differences in perception are influenced by factors such as attitudes, motives, experience, interests, expectations, time, novelty, motion, background, similarities and sounds among others. The essay henceforth discusses why people observing the same situation re...
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