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Case Study (Essay Sample)

-Please find the attachment or go to this link http://ocw(dot)smithw(dot)org/2013summer/mgt360-10668/assign-common.pdf -Textbook Link http://ocw(dot)smithw(dot)org/mgt360/textbook/carpenter.pdf -The class Link http://ocw(dot)smithw(dot)org/2013summer/mgt360-10668/ source..
Name Course number Instructor’s name Date Case Study Management has been defined as the way in which work is accomplished under supervision. The supervisory element in different work settings ensures that tasks are completed and it can be said that supervisors complete the task by overseeing others complete the different aspects of the task. The roles of a manager primarily involve overseeing how the different tasks contribute to achieving a larger function. For instance, school principals are managers in the sense that they oversee the work of different staff in the school such as the teachers, the finance office and the administrative aspects. The most senior management oversees the overall functions and operation of the entire organizations. Companies have different management structures and their size determines the complexity. Principles of management determine how to plan, organize and control the complexity through different activities. Additionally, it involves the leadership abilities (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2010). AmeriTrade management structures involved in staff affairs and finance issues are important Players in ensuring adherence to the organization’s commitment to the community in both Middletown and China. The Human resource management plays a key role in attending to the specific aspects of the staff such as working hours, remuneration among other terms of engaging their service as they relate to the laws and regulations in China (Wright & McMahan, 1992). On the other hand, the finance management team requires identifying other ways of enhancing profitability because better terms of service for the outsourced staff will increase the company’s overhead costs. Organizational behavior involves aspects that determine that organization’s plans and activities. The organization draws the policies of engaging different players within the company or the organization from the company values as enshrined in the organizational behavior (Adler, 2008). The organizational behavior is important in erecting a policy of engaging any outsourcing company. This is because the company’s values are unique to the company’s niche of customers. The customers learn to identify different companies in the same industry based on the associated values and commitments. For instance, some companies have a publicly known commitment excellent customer service, others to the lowest prices for their products; others have a commitment to continuous innovation, others to offering the fastest services while others have a commitment to exceptional aftersales services. These values and commitment define the companies’ relationship with their customers. Customers have differing p...
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