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Self-Assessment Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment Instructions: Read Chapters 7 & 8 in the Greenberg textbook.
Complete the Self Assessment in Chapter 7 on page 230. Please submit a response answering the self assessment discussion questions on page 231. 
Submit a response to the questions (500-word count). Support the concepts (in-text citations) of the assessment with one scholarly journal article and textbook material. Provide references in APA format with your references.

Week 4 assignment: Self-assessment
Course title:
Week 4 assignment: Self-assessment
Response to question 1
What the self-assessment exercise revealed to me about myself is that I am actually a cooperator. The statements that describe me greatly and perfectly were marked 4 and 5. For instance, the statement that I would gladly give up something for myself if it can help my team get ahead was assigned a scale of 4, and the statement that I enjoy it when the people on my work team all pitch in to beat other teams was assigned a scale of 5. The other statements that do not best describe me were given scores of 1, 2 or 3. All in all, Cooperator score was 9; competitor score was 2; Individualist score was 5, and equalizer score was 3.
Response to question 2
I was not very much surprised. It was something that I already knew since most of the time I exhibit behaviours and tendencies that show that I am a cooperator. In essence, I am more cooperative by nature than other people. Greenberg (2011) noted that individuals who are grouped under the cooperator category are focused on capitalizing on joint outcomes and obtainin...
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