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Aspects of my integrated life (Essay Sample)

The focus of chapters 7 and 8 is on support for your life and work from others, and an integration of the many aspects of our humanness—that is the search for balance. When you are ready to create two paragraphs to post into the blog/journal site on Blackboard, the choice of topic area is yours, of course. But do include a quotation or page reference to one (or both) of these chapters. You may wish to write about one of these points; the discussion of your mentors (p. 100), your own professional support network (p. 105), or exercises 8.2 or 8.3. please follow the instruction carefully and don't do it professionally I'm an international student. source..

Aspects of my integrated life
Aspects of my integrated life
This paper seeks to give a comprehensive approach to my life based on real state of my buckets and the several ways in which they sustain me and my leadership.
As a person, there are some most important aspects of my life which relate to others and support my integrated aspect of humanness. The three aspects which define my integrated life are;
1 Extraversion. As an extravert I enjoy being with people, and often have experience of positively turning any situation that touches on my emotions. This important aspect of my life which makes me to be enthusiastic and face opportunities of excitement in life.
2 Agreeableness. As a person I value getting along with people and ready to compromise my interests with others. Having an optimistic view of human nature always form the basis of my personal life aspects.
3 Being open to experiences. Intellectual curiosity with the desire to understand situations as well as appreciative to art and beauty exhibited by others is what partly define personal life aspects. (p. 115)
I normally set time for my personal development through increasing my encounters with different kinds of people and various situations. I always strive to gather many experiences as possible wherever I can and may be. Constant practice ...
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