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Personal Journeys (Essay Sample)

The writers we've read this week take personal journeys to rediscover themselves and to face personal challenges. They use this self exploration and reflection to strengthen and to empower themselves. The writers are Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin, The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes, and Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich. 1. Explain how a writer's personal journey can address universal themes that impact humanity as a whole. Answer… 2. How is an individual's personal reflection connected to society at large? Answer… 3. Is this approach effective in making a point? Why or why not? Answer… Please answer each question like above. source..
PERSONAL JOURNEYS Name: Course: Professor name: (December, 2012) Personal journeys A personal journey can refer to self discovery. It can be called ‘seeing the other parts of the world in angles we can understand it better’. Every happening we encounter in this world is a piece within the long ‘journey’. These happenings and opportunities give us a better opportunity to understand the world better and a better sense of the common face of humanity. Journeys are critical in very one’s life; they make us move away from our so called daily routines which are so demanding. They lead us to open our hearts for a new revival in learning (Bayh & Lynn, 1979). A journey is education on its own and through it we learn different cultures that make us. In this sense journeys regenerates our minds in feeding our curiosity. Every culture in this world no matter how small or unknown it is represents a vast body of experiences. It includes; music, art, how we wear, religion, medicine and even customs. These elements of culture have been learned through the many years since the existence of man. It is out of travel that one can understand the different things in this world and learn from them hence growth. This growth helps individuals...
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