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Personal essay on recommendation to join honors program (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

This is a personal essay. i have been recommended to join the honors program in my college and was asked to submit a personal essay providing the office with a perspective on me as a student and as an individual. source..

Personal essay on recommendation to join honors program
Personal essay
I am writing to express a perspective on me as a student and as an individual following my recommendation to join honors program in college. I will also illustrate the experiences I have had both as a student and as an individual, my personal goals, and how my interests and experiences in college will help me attain my desired goals. I am passionate about my studies with a zeal and fervor to continue my education in the honors program. For a long time now, the desire to join honors program has formed part of both my student and individual life. I have developed a feeling that the opportunity to advance my study through the honors program will enhance my future career ambitions in my area of study.
Through this honors program, I will alleviate my family from financial constraints that we have been experiencing from my childhood. I come from a humble background and I may not be able to afford the currently estimated costs of furthering my studies, however, I would grab any opportunity of scholarship that comes my way. In my life as an individual, I have managed to help my family with their business which is what sustained us throughout. I helped their business develop and flourish. I today believe that my admission for honors program and experience will not only help me achieve my academic and individual goals, but also support my family through their business.
My interest to further my studies through the honors program has seen me engage in various attempts to apply for scholarships for studies in college. The generous recommendation I have received to join the honors program in college has helped whet my appetite for further studies. I would like to take the next step by furthering my studies in order to achieve my career goals both as an individual and as a student. Indeed, furthering my studies has been a big part of both my student and individual life, and anything that will further my studies will obviously help me in my future career. Studies has shaped my life, for example, throughout my studies in college, I became skilled at communicating efficiently with people, to pay attention to their needs and requests, these early practices set the basis for my ardor in working with people and having good relations. I believe that my experience in college is pivotal to both my academic and personal life. I have learned the spirit of team work through collegiate activities and in the institutions.
I am currently involved in community activiti...
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