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Describe a Learning Organization (Essay Sample)

Describe a Learning Organization For example - Being responsive requires continually changing and learning new ways to act. Some experts have stated that the only sustainable advantage is learning faster than the competition. This has led to a new term that is now part of the vocabulary of most managers: the learning organization. 14 A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. 15 Google, Toyota, and IDEO are good examples of learning experimenting with new approaches, learning from their own experiences, learning from other organizations, and spreading knowledge quickly and efficiently. of learning organizations. Such organizations are skilled at solving problems, source..
Describe a Learning Organization Name Institution Affiliation Describe a Learning Organization A good number of organizations and consultants have come to realize the commercial role of organization learning, in which case, the central orienting point is the learning organization. Organizations are facing a lot of pressures, and they are striving to stay put in the competitive business environments. In such a situation, learning organization involves an ideal towards which organizations has to transform itself in order to realize the various pressures they face. Learning Organizations posses some features, which includes personal mastery, the systems thinking, the team learning, the shared visions and the mental models. These features allow the learning organizations to have a competitive advantage by learning faster that their competitors and sustaining development of customer responsive traditions. Thus, the learning organizations require a culture of trust, cooperation of all within the organization and to uphold free and reliable communication. Learning organizations ought to have an art of personal mastery, whereby individuals commit themselves to the process of learning. Using the personal mastery will enable the workforce to learn more quickly than the w...
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