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Natural Science Museum in Houston (Essay Sample)


This is a two-parts assignment. Please help indicate a, b before every answer. Thank you. a) Recently, I went with a friend to the Natural Science Museum in Houston. We specifically visited the Hall of Ancient Egypt. Enjoying the artifacts, we started a lively debate when viewing the mummies. and One of us did not have a problem with dead human beings being viewed, while the other one did. I will not state who thought what but am interested in your view. Should these mummies be sent back to their homeland, in this case, Egypt or rest in display at the museum? Are there ethical or moral considerations that must be explored? What is the moral/ ethical or legal obligations of these artifacts? b) Do you agree with this response and why? by Quang Du - Sunday, 12 April 2015, 12:42 AM There is no final word on whether to send the mummies back to their homeland or have them rest on display. Because no doubt the decisions we made today. Will seem as out of place with modern thinking in the future, as do decisions made by earlier generations 50 years ago or longer. Even so, they have been and will remain to be, enormous benefits to having human remains available to study. Regarding about the moral and ethical obligation toward mummies. The museum's standard are very high; however, visitors frequently fail to recognize that Egyptian mummies are both authentic dead bodies and once living people with unique biographies. Moreover, they should be treated with much more respect and humanize ways.


12th April 2015.
The issue of the mummies being sent back to their homeland in Egypt can take a two-prong approach. Based on the ethical and moral considerations as well as the legal part of it. In most cultures, especially from an African setting, there is usually some kind of cultural norms relating to the dead. For example, there is a general respect given to the dead, to an extent that they are treated better in death than when they were alive.
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