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Political science Book Review (Book Review Sample)


book: understanding the war on terror 3th edition author: patrick coaty

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July 8, 2014
War on Terror
The ideology of "war on terrorism" is etched on fear and repression. Essentially the whole progression heightens violence as opposed to establishing the right parameters to mitigate terror and strengthen security. This worldwide campaign has been used by the super powers to suppress opposition groups and disrespect global law and civil liberties. The best way for the governments of the world to address terrorism is through international collaboration, utilizing the international law at the same time observing the necessary civil rights. Instead of victimizing the rebels who have a cause for their violent activities, governments should strive tackle the background issues that lead to escalation of violent exploits. Some of the key causes of terrorism include political alienation stemming from intolerance and state backed violence and poverty (Coaty 34).
In order to understand the concept of terrorism, it is imperative to trace the root of these violent atrocities showered on innocent civilians. Why a sensible human being implicit would pain on fellow human being and even cause death deliberately. Terror and intimidation is the message the rebels seek to send out. They want to hit back at the society and the governing apparatus for ignoring their needs, for never considering their plight and moving on as though everything is all right. Terrorism does not have any legal requisite and it is rooted on insurgence of the under privileges cluster of any populace which lacks a platform to amicably voice out their grievances. Terrorism affects every political system in the world since there will always be a group of people who are discontented with the incumbent governance. The protests that the seditious masses carry out are in form of violent activities that the people use to voice out their agony to the governments in place.
Surprisingly as the masses of poor, disadvantaged and jobless youth try to find their way to stability, some rich and defiant men are willing to finance them in order to be involved in acts of terror. Just in case the youth dies in the terror activities, their families are rewarded. When the governments they usurp their powers and refuse to dig out the cause of the problem labeling the rebellious people as terrorists so as to harm their reputation. Inevitably, this aggravates conflict between the government and the rebels; once the rebels are unable to get the government to address their problems they use violence to purposely pressurize the governments to meet their needs and this is how they end up unleashing acts of terror on fellow human beings. .
Terrorism is accrued to the vice of power imbalances. Terrorism was rampant during the French Revolution; this revolution brought a turn around when violent masses successfully ousted the monarch from power to create a way for democracy to take root. The successful annihilation of monarchial governance system...
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