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Jim Cullen's The American Dream. An Idea That Shaped a Nation (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Professor:
Chapter 3 of Jim Cullen's The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea That Shaped a Nation and complete the following:
There are 3 parts that I want you to answer: first part answer the "Observation", second answer the "Passage" part, and finally answer the "Question" part.
Each part the (Observation, Passage and Question) should each be answered with a minimum of 180 words for at least a total of 2 pages.
* Part 1: Observation: Write a few sentences about something you found interesting or worthy of discussion. It could be something thematic, like its point of view on the American Dream. Or it could be an observation about issues of gender, sexuality, psychology, socioeconomic class, etc. Or, it could be something generally along those lines.
* Part 2: Passage: Look for a quote from the Chapter 3 of Jim Cullen's "The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea That Shaped a Nation"reading that stands out to you for one reason or another then once you find a quote make sure to write the page number and explain as best you can what that reason is that it stands out to you. It might be admiring or critiquing the construction of the language, the idea being discussed, its relevance to some larger concept, etc.
* Part 3: Question: Now I want you to write down a question or two about something you don't quite understand or something on which you just would like other students' perspective.
Again reminder for each of the three parts your answer should be with a minimum of 180 words and a total of 2 pages.
Notes from me to the writer:
• This assignment doesn't require it for it to be answered like an essay but rather just a paragraph for each part.
* The assignment must be done in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
I included image screenshots of Chapter 3 of "The American Dream" by Jim Cullen. There are a total of 43 image screenshots of Chapter 3 but since I could only upload 20 files in the order form I added the remaining 23 screenshots on the link of the "DropMeFiles"
I actually forgot to include the screenshot of page 92 in the above DropMeFiles link therefore I added Page 92 seperately below
Thank you so much for your time


Student Name
Chapter Review
The phrase, “American dream” is one of the most common national lexica. For individuals in America, the dream defines the aspirations of the nation. The American dream has over time been associated with economic prosperity and freedom. The belief that anyone can succeed regardless of their color, race and country of origin has shaped the modern understanding of the dream. American has been termed as a land of opportunities. The desire for upward social mobility has caused people to care less about the origin of the American dream. Individuals are seldom familiar with the background and history of the American dream. Different generations in America have varying perceptions of what the American dream entails. Jim Cullen offers an in-depth analysis of the origin of the American dream and what it meant to previous generations. For instance, both the Puritans and the African Americans dreamed of freedom. However, to the Puritans, freedom was spiritual, while the African Americans sought from the oppression of the whites. Hence, it is remarkable to note how the understanding of the American dream differs from one group to another.

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