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The "US" by Jordan Peele and the American Dream (Coursework Sample)


Watch the YouTube video and complete the assignment that follows.
Note: the video is an interpretation of the 2018 Jordan Peele film "US". You do not need to have seen the film to understand the interpretation or complete the assignment
1) What does the theme of “duality” in the film have to do with the American Dream? What imagery/metaphors are used in the film to develop this theme? What dualities do you see embedded in the mythos of the American Dream?
2) What is “code switching” and how is it presented in the film? What are some ways people in our society use “code switching”? How does this affect their pursuit of the American Dream?
3) According to the interpretation in the video, what is the purpose of the “doppelgangers” in the film? Do you agree with the interpretation? Putting it in your own words (in one or two sentences), what do you think the film is saying about the American Dream?


Student’s Name
Question 1
The duality of man, good, and evil is a predominant theme in the movie. In the movie "Us" is about the duality of human nature. Hitchcock uses the mirror to underline the dual nature of human beings. For example, Marion looks at the mirror when she is with Sam at the hotel. After stealing some money, Marion does not consider her image although she is in front of a mirror. This shows that Marion is unable to take responsibility for her actions. Imagery and symbolism have also been used to develop the theme of duality. Rabbits are used to symbolize rebirth in the movie. To develop the theme of duality, rabbits are used as test subjects, which symbolizes the lives of the tethered as an abandoned experiment (Sands, 2017). Happiness is a story of the future that is developed through imagination. The American Dream is an ac

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