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My dream job - Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Essay Sample)

Paper should include an abstract - tells what the paper will be about Review of the literature References, only 3 references. Include an example of a job ad from a credible job site. source..
Acute Nurse Practitioner Name Institution Due Date Acute Nurse Practitioner Acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs) are highly skilled individuals whose role in healthcare cannot be ignored. They are individuals with incredible skills who offer help to individuals who are critically ill, physiologically unstable, highly vulnerable to certain conditions and complications and those who are technologically dependent. According to an article from All Nursing School, ACNPs work in the “emergency department, ambulatory care clinic or other short term stay facility.” Like primary care nurses, ACNPs work in collaboration with physicians as well as “other members of the health care team.” The healthcare industry is highly interdependent and ACNPs also fit in the scheme of things and find their role within the wider goal of enhancing patient outcomes. Importance of ACNPs One way that ACNPs are crucial in healthcare is that they help fill the gap between patient needs and the shortage of physicians. Hospitals and other medical facilities do not have enough physicians to help deal with the number of patients that come in on a daily basis. Therefore, ACNPs and other nurses help to ensure that patients cannot feel the shortage of physicians by filling this gap. Registered Nursing (2019) notes that ACNPs start off as nurses. This means they are highly educated and skilled enough to offer care to their patients. It is crucial to note that ACNPs start off as nurses. This, therefore, means that they already have amassed the knowledge and understanding to meet the expectations of the nursing field. Patient satisfaction and patient outcomes are thus enhanced as a result of there being profe...
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