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The American Dream and Immigration (Essay Sample)


Essay Prompt from Professor:
Step #1: Write a thesis-driven essay of 5 pages about the American Dream and Immigration. I want you to explore Immigration through the lens of the American Dream and in your essay answer the questions that follow:
* What makes the American Dream different than the dreams of other nations?
* Is the American Dream still alive, dying, changing, or is it stronger than ever?
* What are some of the roadblocks to the American Dream?
* What are some ways the American has become more accessible to more people? and who are those people?
* What are some ways the American Dream has become less accessible to some people? and who are those people?
Step #2: Should have an essay title that states topic and hints at thesis.
Step #3: Introduction should begin with 3-5 sentences introducing the topic of the American Dream and Immigration.
Step #4: A thesis statement should end the introduction making an analytical argument—that is detailed, developed, and dynamic—about the relationship between the American Dream and Immigration.
For example, below is a topic of Women and the American Dream with a thesis statment that is detailed, developed, and dynamic:
Even though women have long been drivers of the American Dream, by advocating for issues of equality and community, their access to different aspects of that dream has grown exponentially over the last 60 years. However, this inclusion has caused considerable backlash, seen most glaringly in the rise of explicit misogyny online, that threatens the very foundations of the American Dream itself.
Now I want you to write a about Immigration and the American Dream with a thesis that is detailed, developed and dynamic.
Step #5: Make sure to bold out your thesis statement so it can stand out.
Step #6: Body paragraphs should begin with clearly articulated topic sentences that develop individual points helping to support your overall thesis.

Step #7: Evidence should describe particular theories, facts, and/or events and be connected to quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary from outside sources (including course readings like:
* Sigmund Freud's "Civilization and Its Discontents": Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 as well as
* Jim Cullen's "The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea that Shaped a Nation: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
* You can also have other academic sources that you find on your own).

Step #8: Your conclusion should bring these individual points back to the overall thesis and make it clear what the implications are for the near future or the long-term future of the country and the American Dream.
Step #9: Include a Work's Cited Page for your five resources.
Step #10: Remember you must use at least one quote from at least three different outside sources.
Step #11: You must quote at least twice from what we read of Sigmund Freud's "Civilization and It's Discontents" from either Chapter 1, Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. Include page numbers in your quotes if you can.
Step #12: You must at least quote twice from what we read of Jim Cullen's "The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea that Shaped a Nation": Chapter 1 or Chapter 2. Include the page numbers in your quotes if you can.
* Therefore the minimum total of quotes is 7 which is distributed with your 3 different qoutes from your outside sources. Plus your 2 quotes from Sigmund Freud and your 2 quotes from Jim Culle.
* Remember these quotes must be meaningful which means the quotes you choose should be significantly connected to the point you are discussing in the paragraph in which you use the quotations.
Step #13: In your last page after your Work's Cited Page include a "Outline Page" of how your formatted your essay.


Student Name
The American Dream and Immigration
For a long time, individuals from all over the world have gone to America, with nothing but the hope of a better future; the American dream. The American dream is the dream of a country where “life is better and richer for all individuals” (Browder 7). It is the dream that all Americans are capable of achieving their fullest distinction, and be appreciated for who they are without regarding their place of birth, color, religion, and race among other factors that hinder progress. For the founding fathers, “the American dream was freedom” (Cullen 41). American has been considered the land of opportunities and the commencement of a new life where people can actualize their dreams. The freedom offered in America accords all individuals the ability to achieve anything as long as they persevere and work hard. The desire to attain freedom and access opportunities has lured immigrants to the U.S., although instances of hardship and isolation are on the increase. While the American dream promises a prosperous future for all by advocating that anyone can be successful regardless of their place of birth, immigrants to the U.S. are increasingly encountering a myriad of challenges. They share a sense of isolation brought about by constant discrimination and harassment from both the citizens and the government.
The American dream has deep roots in the Declaration of Independence which makes it unique from the other countries in the world. The Declaration indicates that all humans are “created equal and that they have particular unalienable rights like liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (Glessner 23). Having a society based on such values, individuals feel compelled to live to the fullest. Sigmund Freud notes that “the liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization…” (Freud 49). Hence, liberty is a fundamental right for all individuals. The freedom and equality offered in American matches no other country. Individuals have the freedom to make decisions that affect their lives. They can aspire for bigger things and possibly attain them. The freedom of Americans to live according to their values, even those that are not widely accepted, is a huge boost to the American dream. In some countries, such freedom and equality are not available.
Additionally, the American dream seeks to make the citizens exceptional. Unlike people in other countries, Americans believe that they are exceptional. Freud indicates that “…what decide the purpose of life is simply the program of the pleasure principle” (Freud 25). Hence, individuals are willing to give up pleasure at the moment for a better future. In the U.S., the American dream symbolizes who the citizens are and what they aspire to become in the days to come. Other nations do not have an equivalent of the American dream. What these countries have are national ambitions of a good life. In America, however, the dream of a better life is engraved in the national ethos. As Cullen notes, “Principles, hope, and liberty were powerful attractions, and would remain so for subsequent generations who come here from all over the world” (Cullen 17) As a result, most Americans work hard not only to fulfill their selfish ambitions but also to see a better country for other generations. Individuals in America, unlike other nations are meant to believe that the circumstances of their birth, do not completely determine their future. Despite the diversity that exists, the American dream promises all citizens that hard work and perseverance can lead to success one day. Hence, while other countries consider the background of an individ...

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