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Define the Italian Neorealism Research Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Prompt for the assignment is:
Step #1: Read the lecture notes titled “Italian Civilization” on the word document attachment.
Step #2: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “Italian neorealism cinema”.
Step #3: Read the PDF file titled “Fabe” which is about Italian Neorealism.
Step #4: Now for your assignment…
Define the Italian Neorealism movement in cinema and its legacy.
Why is it considered a revolutionary style in the context of film-making and how it has influenced directors all over the world?
Be specific and make sure to quote your sources.
The guidelines for this assignment are that it must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.

Italian Neo-realism
Literature and Language
Italian Neo-realism
Italian Neo-realism is a film's style whose characteristic stories are set among the working class and the poor groups of people. It is filmed in the location, and most frequent actors employed here are non-professional. The content of the film of Italian Neorealist is mostly centered on the difficult conditions, both moral and economical associated with the post World War II, Italy (Diva, 2012). It reflects on the changes that have occurred in the psyche of Italy and focus on the day to day life. This is regarding desperation and poverty. In reality, neo-realism is a group of scriptwriters and directors who are like-minded and theoretically motivated. Its impact is enormous both on the Italian Films as well as films worldwide.
Neo-realism used real life situation to present t...
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