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Which Of Mussolini’s Fascist Ideas Do You Find The Most Troubling? (Coursework Sample)


Coursework Assignment Prompt:
Step #1: Read the Italian Civilization Lecture Notes about Mussolini in the attachment.
Step #2: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “The Causes of World War I”.
Step #3: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “The Rise of Mussolini in Italy”.
Step #4: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “Rise of Fascism”.
Step #5: Which of Mussolini's Fascist ideas do you find the most troubling? How do you think these views might have contributed to the outbreak of WWII?
Notes to the EssayZoo writer: I included all lecture notes and the PowerPoints attachments needed for this assignment. The assignment must be Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins all around. Thank You.


Which of Mussolini’s Fascist ideas do you find the most troubling?
When Mussolini ascended to power in Italy in 1922, he enforced the fascism ideas throughout the country; he used propaganda to gain support and promote the national spirit whereby he reminded citizens how powerful he was. His fascist ideas were presented using ten words declaration, he reminded his follower that people should live in cohesion and support each other even during war. He stated that anyone who opposed fascism is the enemy of all citizens. According to Mussolini's ten words, he defended his war ideas stating that serving Italy entail rendering services by every means including using ag...
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