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Italian Neorealism Movement In Cinema Research Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Instructor:
Step #1: Read the lecture notes titled “Italian Civilization” on the word document attachment.
Step #2: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “Italian neorealism cinema”.
Step #3: Read the PDF file titled “Fabe” which is about Italian Neorealism.
Step #4: Now for the assignment…
Define the Italian Neorealism movement in cinema and its everlasting legacy.
Why is it considered a revolutionary style in the context of film-making and how it has influenced directors all over the world?
You may want to do a quick search. Be specific and make sure to quote your sources.
This coursework assignment must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.

The Italian Neo-realism
Literature and Language:
Italian Neo-realism
The Italian Neo-realism was a group or a school of scriptwriters and directors who had a common theoretical objective and like-mindedness. They created a type of a film that presented the real life situations of the people during and after the Italian World War 2. The stories of these films are created among the poor Italians and the working class Italians. The filming is done at the real locations and the actors used are the non-professional ones. The film is centered on the hard conditions of both moral and economical condition that the people of Italy struggle with on a daily basis (Diva, 2012). It represents the desperation and the poverty of the people. The famous film; The bicycle thieves directed by Vittorio De Sica shows the real conditions of the people post-Wor...
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