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Response Paper: The War of 1812 (Coursework Sample)


For this paper, you need to choose one subject from four. And I will upload two textbook that there will be information in the textbook related to the subjects. Please don't forget to do citations from both textbooks and information from the option. Also, pls carefully read the instructions of citation. Thx.
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Response Paper
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Response Paper: The War of 1812
The war of 1812 started on 18 June 1812 and ended on 17 February 1815. It was between the United States and Great Britain. The tensions that fired this war were a result of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars that happened between 1792 -1815 CITATION Fon17 \l 1033 (Foner). The conflicts between France and Britain affected American interests, thus blocking them from trading. This caused significant damages which led to the start of the war. Additionally, the two countries were also fighting over the British violations of the United Stated maritime rights. However, the war ended after the two countries agreed to exchange ratifications under the treaty of Ghent.
Initially, American shipping trade between French and Spanish was doing well. Unfortunately, British counteracted them by claiming that their trade was disrupting their economy since they were selling their products at low prices. Britain enforced the rule of 1756 which stated no trade that was restricted during the peacetime was to be allowed during the war. However, Americans were favored by the jay treaty that was signed in 1794 which gave them the privileges of trading in England and the British East Indies. Moreover, the treaty forced Britain to move the forts that were still held in the Northwest Territories and the Mississippi River, thus making them freely open for trading between the two countries CITATION BBC13 \l 1033 (BBC Radio). Despite the agreement, the treaty was not popular in the United States, thus making it a fighting factor that was used by the French republicans (led by Jefferson and Madison). It was used to snatch power from the British federalists, steered by john Adams and Washington.
In 1801 after Jefferson was declared the president, the country resumed the rule of 1756 which weakened the Britain trading relations. This emerged the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 which made Britain to block all the French ports thus cutting off Britain, American and European trade. On November 21, 1806, the Berlin decree started a continental system called the napoleon which neutralized the American shipping rights and declared that every ship that stopped at a British port to be considered

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