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Effects of World War 2 on American Women and other Minority Groups in the United States (Essay Sample)


Essay: 70 points.
Choose ONE of the following essay topics to write about. Your essay should be 4-5 paragraphs in length. You need to include an introduction and conclusion. You may use information from the textbook and the lecture note ONLY. DO NOT use outside sources. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
What did Warren G. Harding mean by “normalcy”? Is that a good term to describe the 1920s? Why or why not?
Describe Herbert Hoover’s attempts at recovery in the first three years of the Depression. Which of his policies were effective? What more might his administration have done?
Describe the impact the Great Depression had on popular culture in the United States.
What were the effects of World War 2 on American women and other minority groups in the United States? Would you describe the overall effects as positive, negative, or a mix? Why?
Describe the Red Scare that followed the end of World War 2. What factors caused it? What were its major results?
What were the main reasons for suburban growth in the 1950s? How did it affect American society?
The year 1968 has been called the most turbulent year of the 1960s. Explain why some believe this.
Compare the philosophies and styles of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the leaders of the Black Power movement.
Trace how the Watergate crisis brought an end to the Nixon presidency. What long term consequences did the scandal have on the office of the presidency?
Discuss the status of the poor, the homeless, and victims of AIDS during the 1980s. How did the government respond to the needs of each of these groups?

Identifications: 80 points
Choose EIGHT of the following topics to identify/define. Each identification should be a short paragraph and should include the following: who, what, when, where, and significance. These should written in full sentences, NOT in bullet form. You may use information from the textbook and the lecture note ONLY. DO NOT use outside sources. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
Teapot Dome Affair
Truman Doctrine
National Recovery Administration
Berlin Airlift
Court Packing Scheme
National Security Act
Dust Bowl
Lend-Lease Act
GI Bill of Rights
Bracero Program
War Relocation Camps
The Beats
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Bay of Pigs
Stonewall Riots
Freedom Riders
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Great Society
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Iran-Contra Affair
Operation Desert Storm


20July 2019
A Research Paper on History: The Effects of World War 2 on American women and
other minority groups in the United States
Every human being is diverse in many ways however; there is a huge difference between diversity and division. There are many options in expressing one’s own opinion, faith and beliefs in a manner that is not violent. World War 2 was the result or collapse of proper and peaceful communication between head of states that ultimately led to the loss of millions of lives, properties and the commission of atrocities against mankind. True evil was seen at work during World War 2 and the effects were drastic not only in the lives of the Americans but people all over the world alongside loss of properties and the downfall of the economy. The start of Wars always have a reason, however justifiable it may seem, nobody wins and everybody loses. The tragedy in Pearl Harbor was the final straw that pushed the Americans to retaliate hence leading into a full-blown World War 2. The greediness of the Japanese fleet, bombing Pearl Harbor wherein 2,300 of U.S. Military Navy and hundreds of ships were destroyed, was the ultimate reason that caused the explosion of wars between countries and alliances. Japan acted out of greediness and the goal to expand its territories at the expense of lives and the consequences of leading to an economic fall. Whilst, America acted out on revenge and the dreadful desire to avenge the military personnel killed by Japanese Fighter planes. Furthermore, there were lady nurses and military women who became casualties of this war.
The lives of women and children led from being in their comfort zones to dangerous and burdensome situations. Since men were drafted into the military for training and more reinforcements as America fought in the World War 2. The women and children had no choice but to stand up and work in order to feed themselves. The women also became tasked with protecting themselves and their children in the absence of the husbands or male members of the family already sent to fight in the war. The wars of the generals became the war of the whole nation. Many became casualties as well and the propaganda known as “Rosie the Riveter” became a popular slogan during World War 2. The lack of men to work in industrial or technical fields have pushed the employers of corporations, associations and companies to hire women who are strong and able to do a man’s work. Responsibilities at home had to be taken care of during World War 2 and women had to step up to take the place of men. World War 2 made monsters out of men and dehumanizing, brutal and violent crimes were committed that led to the demise of many innocent people. Such a harrowing experience became a huge blow at the social economic and spiritual well-being of the Americans. Too many casualties and individuals lost their work or jobs. World War 2 ended when America made a decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki wherein 70,000to 100,000 Japanese people died. Upon this tragic decision, Japan gave up and surrendered to America. T

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