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Case Study: Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor (Case Study Sample)

“Out-of-Town Brown” and the Besieged Probation Supervisor Joan Casey is a career probation officer. She majored in criminal justice as an undergraduate, holds memberships in several national correctional organizations, attends training conferences, and does a lot of reading on her own time to stay current in the field. Casey began working for the Collier County Probation Department soon after she graduated from college and was promoted to a supervisory position, where she supervises an adult probation unit consisting of eight seasoned probation officers. The unit is responsible for investigating approximately 80 offenders a month and preparing presentence investigation (PSI) reports on them. Collier County's Probation Department made the front page of the local newspapers twice in the past month. Both times it was a nightmare for the chief probation officer, Jack Brown, and the entire agency. “Northside Stalker Gets Probation!” screamed the first headline, and then, just a week later, “Collier County Soft on Crime!” Brown called a management team meeting: “Better PSIs,” he said, “or heads are gonna roll!” Everybody got the point. This week Brown is on annual leave and Casey is the designated officer in charge. One of Casey's probation officers has recommended intermediate sanctions for a 23-year-old man who murdered his stepfather with a knife after suffering many years of physical and mental abuse. The young man had no prior record and had been an incest victim since he was 5 years old; he is considered an otherwise nonviolent person, a low recidivism risk. Casey is aware of the probation officer's recommendation and agrees with it. However, she receives a call from a well-known veteran local television anchor—a strong crusader in the local war against crime. He knows the young man will be sentenced tomorrow. Questions for Discussion 1. What should Casey's response be to the reporter (other than hanging up or telling him to call back) concerning the agency's recommendation? And introduction source..
CASE STUDY: OUT-OF-TOWN BROWN AND THE BESIEGED PROBATION SUPERVISOR Name Course Lecturer 1st April, 2013 Case Study: Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor Casey should try to explain on probation to the reporter as in this discussion. The decision that has been considered is put the young man on probation. Probation is a situation whereby the convict is allowed to live in the society or a community but still such a person is still serving the sentence or still under trial. The act is imposed by court of law on an offender. It is done to the first time criminals that is, had not been previously convicted on any offence. The move is taken on the grounds that such persons are not really dangerous or threat to the community. Such sentence is deemed right as such people are seen as if they are going to be rehabilitated once they integrate and live within the community. The probationer will thereby not spend any time in the jail. The sentence is done after thorough consultation with the relevant experts as well as further positivity shown by prior investigation. The sentence has the benefit of the fact that the convict will get a chance to rehabilitate once such a person will be subjected to the societal norms. Varieties of programs are usually developed to assist the probationers respond to rehabilitation process during the sentence. The chance ...
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