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Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study (Case Study Sample)

Use Verizon as the company because thats who i work for. the department i work in is call center i'm a quality assurance rep will sen you the case study that you need to go by i sent the entire chapter to help you but the case study is locate don page 65 that is what you are to use to do this paper source..

Consensual relationship agreements- case study
Various theories regarding consensual relationships exist in the society today. In this regard, it is said that if you have professional workers sharing the same interests collectively for more than forty hours in a week, then there is certainly office romance that will take place in that particular setting. Statistics of studies seem to bring that out very clearly: Looking keenly at a study by, which is an online career center, forty seven percent of one thousand workers from a surveyed sample were involved in some kind of office romance. Another nineteen percent admitted that they actually could consider it. Among those professionals who had actually had romance in the workplace, eleven percent had romantic relationships with their direct supervisors or another supervisor in another department in the work place.
In this case, Helaine (2007) is keen to point out that such issues in the office are not going away just like that. She points out that it is very important for supervisors to come to terms with the possibility of romance in the workplace now that even studies and statistics support it. They should have well informed and up to date procedures that are worker friendly in place to take care of such issues when they take place. Most experts in the human resource, sociology and relationship issues do not support measures against romance in the office altogether. According to them, it is not a good measure. In fact Helaine (2007) asserts that they actually believe that their experience was if a company tried to forbid it, more people would start dating for the thrill of it.
As a result, such an action would be counterproductive affecting the welfare of the employees at a workplace. According to Helaine (2007), office romance is not about any particular age but can be experienced across all working ages in the office. Nevertheless, each age group handles it differently because the young ones tend to speak about it while the older ones keep silent on them. It is very important to note that most companies still have no policies concerning romance in the workplace.
The Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) is one of the policies being adopted by many employers world wide and including the authors own workplace at Verizon where he works in the call centre department as a quality assurance officer to deal with relationship matters in the workplace. A CRA is basically a written contract through which the workers with romantic relationships in the workplace are to pay attention to the following aspects concerning office etiquette and employee conduct among others:
Their relationship is voluntary and consensual
This essentially means that professionals or workers who choose to be in a relationship in the workplace are under no pressure from any quarters since it is in their own interest an...
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