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Bullying (Case Study Sample)

Please make sure the format is the first paragraph explaining about what Bullying is. Then start typing the question and then answer below for each questions. Please ensure quote the information from D.N.A (I will send the PDF file to you). It has to be at least 5 examples from the D.N.A. and they must be quoted in the answer. I will also send you the assignment requirement together with the D.N.A. source..

Intentional distress caused by someone else mostly stronger than you just for fun is known as bullying. There are three types of bullying, physical, verbal and social bullying. Physical bullying is where by the bully harms the victim or their properties by beating them or enclosing them in confined spaces just for fun. Verbal bullying is causing distress on someone verbally either through taunting them or spreading embarrassing gossip through them. The third and worst type of bullying is social bullying where one is not allowed to join certain groups or do certain activities such as playing games because other people have said so. This is ensured by pressuring the victim to give up on those activities simply by writing threatening graffiti intended for them, sending them threatening messages and even some result to beating them up (Penny, 2009).
Bullying though common in schools and in the young generation is also evident in the older people especially in work places whereby the senior workers look down upon the junior workers. Some diseases also make one unable to do certain things that the other normal people can do, so on such cases evidence of bullying has been found (Dan, 2008).
Bullying causes so much change in character for example a young gentle boy is bullied so much and decides its enough. His characters change and he adapts to being violent so that he can survive. Others adapt differently and become withdrawn and suffer from very low self esteem. They start seeing themselves unfit due to their social discrimination. Talents are wasted for example, when a good football player is bullied into staying out of the team all his development opportunities diminish right then (Penny, 2009).
What are the implications for the staff, the child, the families and other children at the centre?
Bullying until recently was not being taken seriously and nowadays several ministries have come up that ensure e an end to bullying. These are child protective agency ministries that ensure good parenting. This is in a bid to ensure that the child has someone who they can trust to listen to them and advice them appropriately. In Ontario for example there is the Ministry of Community and Social Services that through licensed and unlicensed staff ensure the implementation of the Day Nurseries Act (DNA).
In the assignment handout given one is asked to pick a disease affecting a child. For example at the age of two a child shows asthma symptoms the parent should be the one to take the child to the hospital and ensure the confidentiality of the child`s condition. If the guardian fails to let the kid get access to Medicare in time and any harm befalls the child according to the act that is punishable by law. If the parent takes the child to unqualified Medicare and gets wrong prescription for the child that according to the D .N .A is punishable by law.
The healthcare of ...
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