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Tanglewood case (Case Study Sample)

Please be written by same writer as order #11764. Peter. Review case 4, complete questions 1-4. source..

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(11, November, 2010)
Tanglewood Casebook: Case 4
What results show?
There is positive correlation between an applicant’s education with citizenship, performance, and promotion potential. This means the higher the education level, the higher the chances of promotion, citizenship, and performance. On the other hand, the relationship between education and absenteeism is negative, in that, the higher the education, the lower the chances of absenteeism. Sine the p-values for performance and promotion potential are <0.01, leads to highly rejection of null hypothesis that states that there is no relationship between applicant education with performance and promotion. In general, there is a positive and high correlation between the traditional predictors and the promotional potential.
In the comparison with the experimental predictors, there is a positive relationship between almost all predictors apart from absenteeism. The lowest positive relation is between the predictors and citizenship. The closest relationship is between biodata and promotion potential.
Selection Methods
Resume is a method that is used in measuring minimal qualifications of applicants. In most of the times, it obtains information about past employment and education experience from the applicant. Information given in the resume is controlled by applicants to the amount, type and accuracy.
The Retail market knowledge exam should have questions that determine Tanglewood position in the industry plus some general marketing strategies. The questions in Appendix C are concentrating on learning of Tanglewood’s competition. With this, the company gauges the knowledge of applicants on the company and the industry in which it operates. It achieves this by asking questions about the retail industry and the position of Tanglewood industry.
The Marshfield Customer Service Biodata questionnaire and essay should work related life experiences. The contents in of the questionnaires match the content. However the questionnaire is too detailed for the level of a stores associate. It usually measures the capabilities involved thinking, includes perception, reasoning, memory, mathematical and verbal, and expression of ideas. It was designed to capture the problem solving, work comprehension and numerical abilities of applicant through questions that pro...
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