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NCRCC: Teeing Up A New Strategic Direction (Case Study Sample)


**Each Case Assignment must be 750 words and use current APA format with a cover page, 1” margins, 12-point font, content, in-text citations, and a reference page. No abstract is required; type the questions as headings and respond. you must use 2–4 scholarly research articles in your response.
**answer case discussion questions 3 and 4
Describe the sampling strategy. How appropriate were the various sampling design decisions?
4) What, if any, problems did you find with the questionnaire as a whole?
Consider structure, directions, question order, question phrasing, appropriateness of response strategy chosen, etc.


Teeing up a new strategic direction
Sampling is the process through which a unit is selected from a general population. The selected unit helps in generalizing the results back to the whole population from which it was chosen. Proper sampling techniques and strategies are important in every study because they help in eliminating biases and also help in getting the correct sample for a particular study. Effective questionnaires are also important in any research process.
A good questionnaire should be able to extract the required information from the respondents without difficulties. The Questions asked should be self-explanatory and unambiguous to the respondents. This paper examines the sampling strategy and questionnaires used by the McMahon group on behalf of the National Cash Register Country Club (NCRCC) in a study aimed at evaluating the strategic directions the club would take to increase its membership.
Q1. Describe the sampling strategy. How appropriate were the various sampling design decisions?
Sampling refers to the process through which a small section of the population is extracted to represent the entire group. Sampling is important in any given research because it is difficult to assess all the elements of a given population. The information or the observation made from the sample represents those of the general population. Additionally, the more the representative of a sample is the higher the accuracy of the results of the study (Alvi, 2016). In this case, the aim of NCRCC was to boost its membership by attracting new members especially younger families. However, the sample which was used by the McMahon Group was inappropriate to achieve this outcome.
Since the goals were to have younger members join the club, the researcher should have concentrated more on people under 46 years, also, since club targeted young families, there was a need to focus on the young couples with children. However, this did not happen since 78 percent of those the people surveyed did not have children. The type of sampling used in this study seems like it selected the participants randomly because it did not specifically target the required participants. More specific sampling techniques such as stratified sampling would have enabled the researcher to

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