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The Coffee Company (Case Study Sample)

Review the case study provided which details the addition of a successful e-business to an existing storefront. Utilizing the framework for a market opportunity analysis, describe the steps that this company took to ensure success with the extension of their business. Response should be 400 to 500 words. source..

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(February 10, 2012)
The Coffee Firm Business
The firm was established in 1969. It sells wholesale and retail commodities, through street store Carlisle in Melbourne and Balaclava, as well as roasting beans on the certain premises. It also participates in retailing variety of fruit infusion teas, and herbal, serving teas and coffee, as well as roasted nuts. The firm offers work to seven staff members.
With an aim of ensuring success with the extension of their business, the company initiated the website. The website was established with modest expectations in 1999. As buyer`s experiences focused on the shop visiting, a proprietor known as Alex could not imagine how buyer would purchase their products online without visiting shops. The website later became famous, and more commodities and information sold. This was as a result of buyers purchasing their products via payment gateway secure and viewing goods from shops. At this point, Gateway Payment Secure was explained as a system that facilitated buyers to make real-time, payments credit card secure across the website. As a result, over 300 orders were received via this system in an 18 month period since 2003, and no day passes without an Oder.
The firm`s website also developed a significant revenue source from customers who either research their products online or later buy them in their shops. The invented technology that is Payment Gateway Secure helps in processing the customer`s credit card details, and orders via email to coffee firm for fulfillment. At this point, the following steps were followed to facilitate this system. The buyer was to enter their order, as well as credit card details. The credit card payment was processed by the system as the order encrypted, and an email sent to the coffee firm with the details of the buyer, together with the items to be purchased. The staff receives instruction from management board to prepare and gather goods to be sent. Finally, the order was delivered by Australia daily post.
The establishment of the coffee firm website five years ago resulted to a significant business channels. These resulted to revenue measured against outgoing goods and overall return on investment to a mount $ 74,400. Also, the costs of the establishment of this system were relatively low, as only the website establishment over five years was the main cost. Another expense that the firm incurred wisely was the buying of Anti-Virus software. This refers to a software programmer that helps to scan virus from computers. At this point, virus refers to a program found in a computer that replicates itself into the other program kept in a computer. This can be spread as an attachment on an email, through floppy disk or during the process of downloading program from other website that could be infected.
During the process of establishment of the website, there was no major challenge, apart from o...
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