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SMB-400 Case Study (Case Study Sample)

SMB-400 Case Study. Based on SMB400-DIRECTIONS.pdf source..
SMB-400 Case Study
Kelly Shelton
SMB-400 Case Study
Trilogy Health Services, LLC: Building a Great Service Company
Case Discussion Questions
What is Trilogy’s differentiating customer value proposition?
The differentiating customer value proposition is Trilogy’s commitment to provide exceptional customer service, since the company is in a business that is all about service and taking great care of people as stated by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Randal Bufford. The organization’s customer value proposition is based on its culture of offering compassionate services that emphasize on people and service before income. The company’s founder and CEO, Randal Bufford points out that the company’s philosophy is taking great care of its human resources who in turn take excellent care of customers. However, Bufford states that the company faces the challenge of ensuring that they keep the culture high (Trilogy Health Services, LLC., 2012).
What is necessary in order for Trilogy to execute and defend this customer value proposition?
The company’s CEO and President, Bufford states that it is necessary to create the best place to work in order to create and defend Trilogy’s customer value proposition, and the company does this by creating a supportive environment for its employees to work (Trilogy Health Services, LLC., 2012). As Bufford asserts, the best way for ensuring customer satisfaction at Trilogy is to create a nurturing environment for the company’s workers, including nurses, caregivers, and nursing assistants, who are the company’s front-line employees. Trilogy has for instance, created a kind of culture whereby all the employees feel supported and everyone is considered equally important (Blake, 2012). To unlock the full potential of Trilogy’s front-line employees, there has to be the right attitude at the top management level, whereby the managers do not see themselves as more important than other employees, but instead see themselves and other employees as equally important towards the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives. The company has a management culture whereby managers lead rather than direct the employees. In emphasizing the importance of leading employees instead of directing them, the company’s executives including Bufford encourage the midlevel managers to pursue further education, for instance, reading books on management, in order to become better managers. Bufford even offers coaching on leadership to those managers (Trilogy Health Services, LLC., 2012).
As Bufford pointed out, the company’s managers need to read and understand how to lead the employees into wanting to have the right job performance, and creating an environment whereby they will do what is right even without thinking about it (Blake, 2012). Humility is the foundation of leadership at Trilogy as CEO Bufford states, and this helps the company to fight arrogance within the emp...
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