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E-commerce: Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Website (Case Study Sample)


Question Two: E-Commerce (30 marks)
2a) Using the knowledge that you have of Game Track (gained from the website and the case study) outline ways in which you feel that the design of the website reflects the image of the firm? (8 marks)
2b) Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the website? (12 marks)
2c) Suggest two improvements that you would make to the website, providing justification for why you have proposed these suggested changes. (10 marks)


1 Outline ways in which the design of the website reflects the image of the firm
Upon a closer inspection, one could see that Game Truck's website is simple yet fun, as it showcases the children who are having the time of their lives during a GameTruck party. However, what makes it more appealing is that it does not only showcase parties which are console based. Rather, it is highlighted in their websites that other physically strenuous activities such as laser and bubble soccer are available. A concept that pays back homage to their motto “[We are] redefining the way people play”.
2 Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the website
While the overall design of the page is appealing and shows characteristics of their tenets, it must be noted that the website lacks some more accessibilities that would emphasize their other principles such as “respect mom” and “respect education”. In other words, the website is too much focused on showing the idea of fun and less on the other things that matter.
3 Suggest two improvements that would make to the website including a justification for the proposed changes
Perhaps one of the changes that could be made to the website is to add more accessibility to how the company commits to all of its four tenets. The reason for this is because those who would usually order from

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