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Manchester United: History And Impacts (Research Paper Sample)


You will conduct research on a professional soccer team from Europe or South America. The team must be a club team (e.g., Arsenal, Juventus, Manchester United) and not a national team.
Your paper must be 4-6 pages in length while using a minimum of 5 appropriate sources.
Formatting requirements: double-spaced, 12-point font (either Times New Roman or Arial), 1-inch margins. No extra page breaks, no photos.
Things that should be covered in your paper:
- historical context of the club;
- historical events that have helped shape the club;
- people of significance within the club from the past and present;
- club political or religious affiliations; and
- club's impact on the city/region.
I have picked Manchester United for the topic of my essay


Manchester United
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Manchester United
Manchester United is among the best and most prominent football clubs in the world, and it is based in the city of Manchester. Since it was founded in 1878, the club has managed to win numerous national and international titles and has consistently shown a record of success throughout its history (Mellor, 2007). Also known as The Red Devils, Manchester United together with Liverpool are the most successful teams in the United Kingdom has won several trophies. This paper analyses the history, impacts, and significance of Manchester United and its contributions to the society.
Historical Context of the Club
When Manchester United FC was founded in 1878, it was initially known as Newton Health L&YR Football Club and its players consisted of individuals working in Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Club. It joined the Football League in 1892 but was relegated in 1894. In 1902, management roles were taken over by businessmen and they changed its name to Manchester United. Under the leadership of Ernest Mangnall, it won its first English League in 1908 and later the FA Cup in 1909. The team also moved to Old Trafford in 1910, which is its current stadium to date (, 2018). In 1955-56 and 1956-57, Manchester won the League with a team whose average age was 21, making it the youngest team to win the League. However, a dark moment of the club was in 1958 when that aircraft carrying the team crashed, killing three staff members and eight players (Mellor, 2007). However, the coach survived and managed to rearrange another team and win several other trophies.
A shift in management occurred later with some of the most successful teams being managed by Tommy Docherty, Dave Sexton, and Ron Atkinson. The appointment of Alex Ferguson in 1986 marked the most successful era of the club with the team winning over 25 major football trophies, which include 11 League Cups. The first Double was won in 1994 while the first Tremble was won during the 1998-1999 period, which included the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League. This made Manchester United be the first club in England to achieve such a victory. Since 2014, Man UTD has become the second highest earning club with revenue of 518 million, the third most valuable club, and the most valuable brand worth close to $1.2 billion (, 2018). The club is currently managed by Jose Mourinho who was given a three-year contract starting from 2016/2017 season.
Historical Events that have Helped Shape the Club
There are important historical events that have played an instrumental role in shaping the success of Manchester United. The first and most important reason is the organizational culture that has been implemented at the club. Its 139-year heritage has been built on the belief that the team endeavors for perfection and when this is not achieved, the players settle for excellence (, 2018). Manchester is managed and operated as a single reporting segment and a professional sports team.
Another important event is the hiring of competent and experienced managers who are able to guide the team to victories and make important decisions of purchasing skilled players. The decisions that coaches make in the field, including playing tactics, have been instrumental in the success of the team. For instance, the legacy that was present during the Alex Ferguson era, which includes his playing style, enabled Manchester to win numerous trophies during his twenty-year period (Szymanski, 2012). Despite the fact that the winning trend has declined after Ferguson, the team has made several changes and hired a competent coach who is enabling the team to return to ...

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