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Profile Of Client/Patient: Demographic, Physical, And Health Factors (Case Study Sample)


Imagine you have a career that involves giving nutritional advice (such as a dietitian\or midwife). A client/patient has come to you for advice. You will create a profile of your client/patient based on a combination of demographic, physical, health, and social factors.
1. Create a profile of your client using the checkboxes.S elect a combination of demographic, physical, health, and social factors to describe a client with his or her own unique needs.
2. Write a paragraph that describes your client. Include his/her name, all of the demographic, physical, health, and social factors that make up his/her profile. You may need to expand on some of these factors by providing more specific details.
3. Prepare a report for your client that addresses his/her nutritional concerns and is appropriate for his/her lifestyle choices and factors that may influence his/her food choices. Your report should highlight all the factors that affect your client’s food choices. It should also include potentially problematic areas in his/her diet, and make suggestions for how he/she can improve his/her diet.
4. Create a one-day sample menu for your client. The menu should meet his/her nutritional needs as well as fit your client’s lifestyle needs. Provide a nutrient analysis for your one-day menu. Your menu should meet the recommendations of Health Canada’s Dietary Reference Intakes and Hating Well with Canada's Food Guide. Explain how the menu fulfills the person’s nutritional needs.
You may present your final findings as a report, letter, poster, video, blog, or any other format approved by your teacher. Use the success criteria on the next page to help you determine if your nutritional case study meets the expectations.


Create a Nutritional Case Study
Create a Nutritional Case Study
Question 1
Client's Profile
Demographic Profile
Gender: Male
Age: 18 Years old
Human development stage: Thomas is 18 years old which is an adolescent stage of human development.
Physical Profile
Dependency level: Thomas depends on his parents for support.
Geographical location: Thomas lives in a town which is an urban setting.
Vehicle type: Thomas is still a teenager and cannot be allowed to obtain a driving license that is needed to drive a personal car. Therefore, he depends on public transport.
Educational level: Thomas is a high school student.
Socio-cultural Profile
Marital status: single
Religious Influence: The client does not have any religious influence on the kind of food that he takes.
Cultural Heritage: The client was born and brought up in the middle of a city. Hence, he has no cultural heritage that may influence his food choices.
Family traditions: The client has no family tradition that may hinder his food choices.
Employment status: The client is employed on part time basis.
Income level: Low income from part time job.
Eating life style: Thomas often eats at the restaurants.
Sports: The client is an athletic student.
Health Profile
Goal: The client's main objective is to improve his energy level by eating a balanced diet.
Any illness: No illness
Discomfort: The client has a fixed schedule which does not allow him to choose his diets wisely. Therefore, he always feels tired. Also, he has little time to sleep because of the fixed schedule.
Any Other Information
Thomas has an interest in healthy eating because he does not always get enough time to eat better food at home due to a fixed schedule. Also, he loves sports and always enjoys physical activities. Luckily, he can eat any kind of food and always have an appetite.
Question 2
My client is Thomas who is an18 year old high school student (grade 12) who always has a fixed athletic schedule and lives with his mother in a relatively small city. The location of their home indicates an urban setting. Thomas is mainly active in track and field events although he has shown interest in soccer in the past. The number of games that the client participates in is a sure indication that he spends most of his time in sports activities. Moreover, he attends fitness lessons at a gym close to where he lives every evening. As a result of the fixed schedule, Thomas confesses that he likes ordering fast foods. Thomas believes that the fast foods do not work better for him and that is why he always feels tired. Fast foods are prepared with the main aim of maximizing profits. Therefore, there is a possibility that people who frequently eat at fast foods will be taking the same meals every day which is not good for health.
Question 3
The problem of low energy levels is always caused by iron deficiency which leads to less oxygen being transferred to the brain. Less oxygen in the brain causes the feeling of exhaustion and weakness. Also, the weakness will be caused by carbon dioxide buildup in the tissue due to less oxygen that is transported to the cells (Wu, Lesperance & Bernstein, 2016). Hence, the preferred diet should be foods that are rich in iron. Iron is good for adding energy, memory, and cognitive thinking that the client requires.
Therefore, Thomas should be given a combination of foods that are rich in nutrients. Food produc

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