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Pragmatism: Approach Of Solving Metaphysical Disputes (Book Review Sample)


What does James mean by 'pragmatic'? What is James' definition of truth? How do you think this relates to science?" you do not need to read whole book; only chapter 3 and 6 and based on them to answer questions


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James defines pragmatism as an approach of solving metaphysical disputes, which may otherwise be considered endless and devoid of a resolution (James 7). Philosophy seeks to apply pragmatism to interpret each of the two opposing opinions by considering their respective applied consequences. That means, if there are no important differences that can be traced between the opposing opinions, then the two are one and the same thing. The origin of the universe is one problem that pragmatic approach can solve.
A theist says that God formed the world while materialist would say the universe came into being due to physical forces (James 68). A pragmatist considers the things he experiences that make him find the differences betw

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