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The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Read the book The Kite Runner and write a book review in the form of a letter
Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and why you're writing this letter to this person. Include some information indicating what your book is about (brief plot summary);
Paragraph 2: Elaborate on important themes and ideas. Include important quotes/ passages and talk about why you included this excerpt;
Paragraph 3: Synthesize your points and give your final recommendation (how and why might this book speak to future potential readers? What have you learned from reading this book?)


The Kite Runner book review
Mary Johnson
123 Albert Drive
Los Angeles, California
8 January 2018
Francisca Winston
987 Widget Street
Miami, Florida
Dear Mrs. Winston,
I am writing concerning your request for modern literature that explores family relationships and love. "The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini is a beautiful novel set in Afghanistan, describing the life of a young boy who is in search of love. The story talks about the implausible friendship between a wealthy boy and a servant's son. The story revolved around a boy Amir, Hassan, Amirs' friend, Baba Amir's father, and their servant Ali.
Set in a country that is experiencing turmoil, the author explores powerful themes of love and sacrifices, but the central theme of the story is family. The author focuses on family relationship from a different perspective during the war in Afghanistan in the 1970s. The Kite Runner is an unusual and powerful novel that has become one of the modern classical works of literature.
The novel is written by Khaled Hosseini, an author of the Afghan-American heritage who speaks about family relationships (Hosseini 18). His perspective is portrayed by how family members view their relationship and the nature of family relations. The story becomes more interesting as events like the destruction of Afghanistan, the military intervention by the Soviet Union, migration of refugees to the US and the Taliban establishments in Afghanistan are combined to make it complete (Hosseini 11).
Even though the narrative presents a familiar war setting, the story expresses the father-son relationship, guilt and redemption. The story‘s main character Amir, recalls his childhood memories where he grew up in a luxurious home in Afghanistan with his father, Baba. They lived with a servant named Ali and his son Hassan, who become Amir's closest friend and playmate. Amir feels he is not close to his father like Hassan. Amir struggles to earn his father's love and succeed in winning a kite flying competition.
One day, Amir fails to help Hassan when being molested; this secret troubles him for the rest of his life because he failed to help his friends Hassan. The remai

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