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Dracula By Bram Stoker As Romantic Tale (Book Review Sample)


Dracula as Romantic Tale
6 paragraphs + title + work cited
Character types: 2 love interests, 3 suitors, 2 doctors. Lights vs darkness, good vs evil, love vs hate. Functions of blood and of eternal life in both Dracula and Christian faith.


Dracula by Bram Stoker
For many years, folktales used love themes to present the hidden reality of Victorian society. Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of the famous British novels with many thematic elements. Stroker used several characters to present the hidden personal struggles of human identity and the dark spots of the Victorian sexuality and desires. Bram's Dracula portrays contrasting ideas about love with other competing ideas in his narration.
The novel is based on diary entries, letters, newspaper clippings and other documentary records that reveal several themes. In the story, the main character Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania from England and stays with the Count Dracula (Stoker 50). Jonathan had been hired by the Count to explain in details a property Dracula wanted to purchase. During his stay, Jonathan discovers he is a prisoner and his host is a monster and he cannot be freed (Stoker 69).
Harker tries to escape, but fail to do so, some vampire women try to kill him only to be saved by Dracula because he needed Harker to finish the real estate transaction. Harker is hospitalized having suffered from brain fever. He spends weeks in a convent in the countryside(Stoker 88). Back in England, Harker fiancée Mina and his friend Lucy are hanging out together, Mina is worried about Jonathan but Lucy only thinks of her three suitors who all propose to her.
Unlike Mina who is worried about Harker, Lucy thinks of her suitors, Dr.John Seward a psychiatrist, Quincey Morris an American and Arthur Holmwood the son of a wealthy Englishman. Lucy eventually gets married to Arthur (Stoker 106). When Dracula discovers Harker fiancée Mina's picture, he believes that Mina is the reincarnation of his wife Elisabeta. Dracula travels to London purposely to look for Mina. The Dracula turns into a handsome young man to charm Mina (Stoker 158). When Mina hears about Jonathan, who had escaped the castle, Mina travels to Romania and in fury; Dracula transforms Lucy, Mina's friend into a vampire. Dracula attacks Lucy, who by then was staying with Mina at Jonathan's house (Stoker 131).
Lucy starts behaving weirdly sleepwalking and has strange marks on her neck. Lucy's suitors are worried about her; Qunicey, Dr. Seward and his fiancé Arthur seek the advice of Dr. Helsing, who informs them that Lucy is a victim of a vampire that needs to be killed. After Lucy receives several blood transfusions she dies, but Va

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