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The Great Gatsby (Book Review Sample)

Assignment requirement Elaboration on the book; The Great Gatsby. How it inspires you, did it make an impact on you, and did it affect negatively or positively. source..
The Great Gatsby: by F. Scott Fitzgerald Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: Summary of the book The great Gatsby is a story narrated by Carraway Nick, who happened to be the neighbor of Gatsby, the protagonist in the novel. The scene of this story goes back in 1920s when most of the happenings in the book take place. The story unfolds when, in his fortune-making endeavor as a bond salesperson, Nick Carraway migrates to West Egg from Midwest, a long Island. After arriving in this Island, Carraway traverses the land and eventually moves to East Egg, where he meets his cousin Daisy Buchannan, together with her husband Tom. At this point, Nick realizes that Daisy’s husband who appears to be a hulking, imposing man had been his college mate sometimes back. In addition, he also meets Jordan Baker who appears to be a nice beautiful woman and a professional golfer. Nick immediately starts a relationship with her. In his close analysis, Nick realizes that Daiys Buchanan, his husband Tom and Jordan Baker live a life, which contradicts sharply with his perspective. In essence, he establishes that people in this Island in general live a more privileged lifestyle comparing with his own standard. Returning home that very evening, Nick notices his neighbor, Gatsby dramatically standing in darkness, stretching his arms while facing the water, a direction where her former lover Daisy lived with her new husband. He also notices a mystical green light across the sound. At one time, Gatsby invites Nick, his neighbor to one of his frequent parties, which he holds every Saturday. He succumbs to this party in an attempt of understanding the kind of operations taking place at such events. He gets astonished to find Jordan Baker at the party. This is the time he encounters Gatsby face to face whom he confirms to be an astoundingly young person with a charming smile affects an English accent, a...
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