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Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Book Review (Book Review Sample)

The book that needs to be reviewed is - Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. West Minister: Random House, 1994. 1. Book Reviews To develop/refine critical thinking, analytic and writing skills, you will be required to write a two-page review of Achebe's Things Fall Apart . In these reviews, you are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues raised in the readings (as they relate to the content of this course) and to actively engage them with a critical mind. BOOK/ARTICLE REVIEW GUIDELINES 1. What is the subject matter of the reading? You may start with a broad contextualization of the subject matter, main idea, or argument. 2. What are the salient and auxiliary ideas, issues, and/or arguments? 3. Discuss each of the salient points/issues and their supporting facts or arguments. 4. Do you find these arguments, discussions, and expositions convincing? 5. What knowledge or experience of the issues, ideas, or events discussed in the reading do you have that supports your position above? 6. Evaluate the organization of the reading. Is it easy to understand? Note: The title of your review should be: the author and title of the reading being reviewed. source..
Name Professor Course Date Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart Of all the literally writers from Africa, Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian fiction writer, is among the most celebrated authors. His 1958 novel entitled Things Fall Apart is a clear indication of his mastery in literally writing. In this novel, Achebe tries to bring out the issue of colonization and westernization of African countries by the colonial powers. He achieves this by telling the story from the perspective of an Umuofian resident (Achebe, 1). From this perspective, he narrates the story in such a way that the reader understands the justice, religious and cultural system of the Africans before the coming of the white man. Natural Endowment for Humanities (NEH) (1) posits that Achebe considers several issues in his book. These mainly revolve around culture and religion, bringing in a contrast between the African and the Western definitions of the two. Brians (1) supports this argument by observing that Achebe carefully describes the Ibo culture. However, he notes that the aim in the novel is not to educate the world about the culture of the Ibo community. Rather, he aims at reminding the people of Ibo about their rich cultural heritage. He does this by incorporating quite a lot of cultural values into the novel, such as Ibo proverbs, fables, tales, words and other elements of African oral narrative (NEH, 1). This shows the richness of the African culture, thereby disputing the belief held by the colonizers that Africans were uncivilized. It is only that the definition of civilization between the two groups was different. Talking of civilization, this brings us to the next issue discussed in the novel; religion and justice system. Umuofia was governed in a democratic manner by the...
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