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Discussion on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Book Review (Book Review Sample)


As Lorelei Lee is travelling through Europe, and through her own life, she is concerned with acquiring cultural capital. One of the themes running through Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the construction of cultural value or social status through material objects. However, we constantly see that objects in the novel can be misleading or are deliberately used to produce misinterpretation. For example, on page 53 Lorelei is "depressed" when she realizes that it is impossible to distinguish, with a naked eye, between a real diamond tiara and a paste imitation, and when meeting Henry's mother on page 93-94, Lorelei creates an impression of modesty by putting on "a pair of black lace mitts that Dorothy used to wear at the Follies" (i.e. an accessory that was used for cabaret dancing). Consider what the use of misleading objects in the novel might suggest about the cultural capital or social roles they are supposed to represent. How do they contribute to the overall argument(s) of the novel?
Attached find the pdf for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and kindly city in text and a works cited for the book only.


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Discussion on Gentleman Prefer Blondes
Anita Loo, the author of the novel Gentleman Prefer Blondes, explores the life encounters of Lorelei Lee as a former actress, who finds her way into the social life of the Jazz Age. The author reveals the record events of Lorelei in the final months just before she gets married to Henry Spoffard. According to Loos, the protagonist, Lorelei, began her adventures at one of the secretarial colleges in Little Rock as her native city (51). Anita Loo reveals the sentimental binary construction of female characters as one of the social role in the society. However, that is one of the limitations to their achievement in the society. Lorelei explodes the social categories and redefines her position having a more influential position in her writing.
Arguably, Loos penned Gentleman Prefer Blondes novel during a time that the world was in throes of cultural transformation. Women receive

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