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American History: Discussion Questions On Rosie The Riveter (Coursework Sample)


Watch the movie “Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter” and answer the questions.
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Rosie the Riveter
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Rosie the Riveter
Women’s role in American history has quickly evolved in the past centuries, and it did not take a hundred years before a significant shift had happened. It did not take a hundred years before women became corporate professionals and political leaders from being housewives. There are historical events that have contributed to today’s world, and the points that moved destiny into an unexpected direction. The content of this paper will discuss the significant parts of the movie “Rosie the Riveter” that portrays the representation of working-class women in World War 2. The personification of Rosie, the main character, has shaped the lives of women in the future.
During that time, there was an ambivalence regarding women joining the workforce, especially those who are raising young children. The intentions to open day care centers for women to be able to work were not strongly favored. At the same time, the men were against the idea of women working as riveters, welders, and construction workers. It is due to that these professions will have decreased wages because of feminizations. Therefore, these concerns about fluctuating gender roles led to wartime propaganda to portray working women as white, attractive, feminine, and from the middle-class. That is why, in the movie, it was portrayed that women played significant roles in World War 2, both in uniform and being housewives. There are millions of women who were allowed to serve in defense and other commercial sectors because of their goal to free a man to fight. Their experience as war workers were beneficial to them because the impact, they made has inspired women empowerment. Based on what is portrayed in the “Rosie the Riveter” poster, there is more masculinity compared to other propaganda during that time about women. The poster definitely awakened American anxieties when it comes to gender roles. Her femininity can still be seen because of her red lipstick and fi

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