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Effect of Globalization on International Ocean Transportation (Research Paper Sample)


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Effect of Globalization on International Ocean Transportation
Water transport has played a key role in human civilization. Water transport has offered a cheap and reliable system to help move bulky goods from one point to another. It is evident in history when several of Sui dynasty which dug nearly 2000km canals throughout their territory and diverted waters to these canals to help create reliable inter-territory transport routes CITATION Vic12 \l 1033 (Xiong, 2012). This was long before other means of bulk transport like roads and rails were invented. In other areas of the world, water transport continued to play a key role in transport, combat and developing their territories. Water transport of the ancient world still dictates the present world geography i.e the New York was situated near river Hudson which offered good ports for docking for ancient traders CITATION Joh10 \l 1033 (McDonald & McMillen, 2010). New Orleans is also another city which was established because of its convenience of transport and connection to the other world CITATION Joh10 \l 1033 (McDonald & McMillen, 2010). Throughout the world, many ancient cities were near the coast or at big river mouths because of the convenience of water transport. Even in the age of faster transport systems like air transport, water transport and especially marine transport has continued to play a dominant role in the civilization of mankind. Since the start of the industrial era, globalization has increased and need to transport bulky goods and raw materials have continued and the world has relied on ocean transport for the same. Ocean transport became a critical piece in international trade such in the late 19th century, Africa and Asia had to separate by a canal (Suez Canal) to facilitate ocean transport. Barely 5 decades later, north and south America were separated by another canal (Panama Canal) to create new shipping routes between the two continents. This shows the role of ocean transport in the global economy and the effect it has. Over the centuries and especially in the last century, globalization and ocean transport have developed a symbiotic relationship and have become a key pillar in the world economy today. This paper discusses the effect of globalization on ocean transportation especially in relation to how the maritime industry has been forced to transform its technologies over the years to meet the rising demands of globalization.
How Ocean transportation has transformed its technologies
In the last century, there have been giant leaps in technological advancement. One of the key gamechanger was computing technology. The computing technology has also been applied extensively in the ocean shipping industry and changed the way the industry works. Computing has changed nearly every facet of ocean shipping and has helped the industry optimize its operations and also increase its safety records. For example, early in the 20th century when the best technology available to the marine industry was radar, one of the greatest human disasters happened and the titanic sank. Radar technology was not sufficient to detect icebergs and avert them in time. Today, ships are equipped with computerized technologies that draw data from very sophisticated and accurate sensors. The technology helps ships maintain a very good safety record and in the last few decades, there isn’t a ship that has sunk because of hitting unseen objects in or on water. Radar technology and computing have helped marine navigators and captains improve the safety records of the industry and today nearly all goods which are shipped worldwide always reach their destination.
Secondly, there are new technologies which have been developed such as GPS which help c...

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